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You !

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

You are the choice you make.

You! You need to know who you are before anyone else. It's fine to take some days, weeks or even years to learn who you are, who you want to be or what you want to be. As long as it doesn't hurt anyone else (unless they involve themselves), it's not wrong.

When 'you' make a decision that involves somebody else, just make sure that it won't hurt them mentally and physically. Why should it hurt them? It's your decision. You make them so don't blame it on anybody else. Be responsible for your own actions.

Of course, we are not saints and therefore can't/won't make perfect decisions all the time. But! If it would tear someone else apart then that's definitely not right. Mend it. Yes, you are you but that does not mean nobody else in the world matters. Be sure that you make the right decision. Not only for you, but others too.

I am sure most of you would've went through moments where you think very hard about a decision & you finally make the best one for you and others. But suddenly, at the heat of the moment you end up reversing it and then think to yourself,

"Oh crap, why did I RUSH that?"

Well, why did you rush that? What told you to? Your brain? Heart? or was it that unknown voice that decides to pop up now and then?

REMEMBER! As you grow up, you automatically start to evolve around more and more people. I mean real humans, not just your mum, dad, family and friends but more. Suddenly, it's not always about what food to eat, which shopping centre to go, what colour clothes to wear. So make decisions wisely. Believe in yourself. Believe that YOU CAN make the right decisions too. So sit down and give some thought to it.

Yes, we do live in a developed world, but don't you sometimes sit and cry at night? Don't you skip a meal because your close ones have spat something hurtful?

In the world full of brains, be the one with the heart to care for others & to take decisions that won't weaken another human being. Because at the end of the day, YOU ARE A HUMAN TOO. ONE WITH FEELINGS.

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