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Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Hey guys! It’s Monday again & that means time for a new ‘say’ from my side. You could ask, ‘does it need to be a Monday to have a say?’, but no! If you check my @SunflowerStories on instagram you’ll come across different says a couple of times in a week.

This week is going to be about appreciating! - let it be yourself and everybody else but it’s a must have quality. Appreciate! It does not cost a penny. Yes, you can grab some flowers and chocolates or even expensive gifts but that’s not very necessary. A simple token of love - a thank you - a little note.

You guys may ask, ‘why is it so important? I mean is it even important?’ - yes it is! Very. When you start appreciating one person, it will take you down the line of all the others that were there for you when you were struggling alone, when you needed support, when you needed a couple of words of strength. Then it will make them realise their individuals. It will then carry on to everybody else. It’s important. It will create an opportunity to share love, break quarrels, make bonds and much more.

It is also very important to appreciate yourself! Even if nobody else does because maybe no body else knows your story and what you go through on a daily basis. Take a break, have a coffee, buy a self gift, have a relaxing bath, play some video games and much more. You do not definitely need another person to congratulate you, to wish you for you to realise your worth. It is as simple as that guys.

Have you been thinking of someone who has done so much for you in life? & you forgot to realise it? Well, it is not too late. You haven’t lost them just yet. Find them and show your note of appreciation. However, if you did actually lose them then try not to do so in the future. More than money you need true people to have a value in life.

This of course is my opinion but I am pretty sure that life would be a lot more colourful if we all shared a bit more love and gratitude.

Say ‘thank you’ to one person today. Get in touch with ‘one person’ that you’ve not spoken to in a very long time. Appreciate someone who cares for you throughout without any expectations. Life will surely give it back to you.

Good day guys🌻

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