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Break up..!

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Hello cupcakes! How are you all doing? The weather is getting very crispy here in the UK. What about in the areas where you live? Whatever it is just enjoy it! or sleep in haha.

In today's post, I want to talk about something that most of you would have experienced in life, if not all. BREAK UP! & mainly in couple relationships. You all would know the process of falling in love right? You see someone, get to know them, be friends then be best friends and then fall in love, dreaming of all the possible beautiful things in the world. So once you start going out everything would've been perfect, right? If things were so ideal then why didn't it work? Let's leave all the teenage crushes and infatuations alone. But something serious, intense and beautiful - Why didn't it actually end up the way it should have?

The answer to that question could be anything from suddenly one the two didn't feel the same way as the other one or at least the way they felt before to unbalanced personalities. It could be totally anything. Yet, regardless of all the reasons possible, why do you, I or anyone find it hard to move on instantly, a couple of months later or even years later? It is most likely due to how we are made, as humans. This relationship of yours could have been the biggest regret for you as you would've put a ton lots of effort or could mean nothing to you as it wasn't very serious as it was for the other person. Regardless of whose fault it was, most of the times, both of you tend to suffer. Sometimes emotionally and sometimes mentally.

Of course, after trying so hard (giving as many goes and not giving up too simply) if things don't work, have you ever wondered why? It could be because it wasn't meant to be, right? If it wasn't meant to be then why hurt yourself? By all means, when things are meant to be in the right way and form it will be but that doesn't mean you have to sit and cry for something or someone that never gave back what you initially gave. It is in the simplest form NOT WORTH IT! - However, one thing is for sure. Don't blame the other person as you don't know what they are going through without you - so don't share any hatred.

For fever, coughs and cold you can go to the doctor & take medicines but for this? The only therapy is to go out and explore. Try new things! start doing something, play games, start a course, learn new things, restart things that you miss doing, go out to places that would excite you. Fill your mind with excitements so that it doesn't have any space for negativity.

We live such short life humans!

According to science, the oldest living thing the world is a great basin bristlecone pine (in North America) and that is 5068 years old. Even if you aim to live a 100 years, that wouldn't even count to 2% of the tree's lifespan. If our life is so short yet has so many ways to live then why waste it? Go and do things that you've always wanted to do & and explore the places you always wanted to go to. Be someone that'll surprise you & everyone else.

Suddenly, one day everything and everyone who walked away from you will want to walk back into your life! Even if they don't, by becoming someone you love - you've already won!

Happy Monday ya'll!

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