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Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Hello butterflies! How are you all doing today? Today in my blog, I want to appreciate each and every one of you who has experienced roller coaster rides to get to where you are now. Therefore, this going to be an appreciation post :) Yippie!

'There is nothing permanent except change' - Unknown. Yes, that is so true. Change is the only thing that cannot be changed. However, I believe that change should come from us. Not all of them, but things we have control of. Of course, you can't plan it all but sometimes, somethings you can. The moment you feel that certain things are not right in your life, don't wait for a change to hit you. You take the necessary steps to change the necessities.

Yesterday, I had a poll up on my Instagram, where I asked 'How many of you are looking for a change in life?' and to my surprise, 78% of them accepted that they want a change in life. This made me realise that if only in my social circle these many people desire a change then in the entire world, how many people would want to change the way they live? Accepting that you need a change in life is a very important part. It's the first step, to be honest. Living life, feeling it, analysing it and realising that it is not how you wanted it to be and therefore needing a change takes a lot of courage because you are willing to go out of your comfort zone to reach out to the better you.

For all those who went through such a rocky path to get to where you are, Well done! You are a true inspiration to everyone else.

To those who are now taking up challenges to change certain things for the better of you - well done! You are a superhero! You are now out of your normal way to do things differently and to make a change. You don't have to succeed in every one of the challenges. However, at the end when you win, the times you lost will look so small to you.

If you are yet unsure about life or the way you lead your life then I'd say start doing different things. Look at people around you - listen to stories of people who went through utter crazy paths to become so successful enough to inspire many others. You will definitely want to take it up. "The same thinking that has led you to where you are is not going to lead you to where you want to be" - Albert Einstein. You could be leading life the same because that's what you have been doing for so many years but if you'll be happier by making a change then that's definitely worth it.

You could inspire others with actions more than words. Start doing it to see a change, not only within you but around you. Well done - if that's what you are doing already.

Good day all!

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