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Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Hello everyone! Hope you all are doing well. Don’t forget to smile and to share the sequence going. I’ve had some interesting responses to my post last week. Thank you for that!❤️

Today, I want to talk about ‘choices’ - a topic I had already introduced in my previous blog posts. Making choices is definitely not a once in a while things for us! We make choices every day and sometimes not because we want to, but because we have to. We are given choices for everything! And I mean everything! Regardless of you realising it, you’re in the process of making some sort of decision right now as well. From what coffee to drink and what train to catch all the way till what career path to choose or what kind of life you want to live. Everything has its choices. In fact, life is a matter of choices.

You are the choice you make! Yes, that is true... but that’s not wrong. If you’ve made the wrong choices that don’t make you a wrong person. It’s part of the daily day learning you undertake. There is no better school than life. Making the wrong assumptions, therefore making the wrong choices leads to a bit of disappointment. But hey! That’s okay. You could still be making the wrong choices at times even when you hit the 60s. Who said you can’t learn when you get old? Life constantly teaches you lessons regardless of your age, status, lifestyle etc.

In between all these small choices, you will definitely come across big decision-making times. When you’ve made that wrong choice, it’s all about picking yourself up! You should never feel as if your age decides on the level of problems you face. That’s not true! A 5-year-old could sit and cry for a chocolate, a 15-year-old could be upset for their grades, a 25-year-old could be depressed because they have lost their job, a 40-year-old could feel as if they’ve lost it all because things don’t work out in their family the way they used to be anymore and 60/70/80-year-olds could look at these and think we’ve come past all these too.. not a big deal. Hence, they could also be upset when their children/grandchildren forget their birthdays.

Everything matters! Everyone matters! Never feel that you’ve lost it all just because at that time, at that point things are not the way you want them to be. I’ve heard people say, you’re 20 why you so immature? You’re 25 why are you not yet mature enough to make decisions? Maybe because they’ve never been in that situation before? Come on guys, maturity and making the right decisions does not come by age. It comes by experiences.

Remember this, you can always pick yourself up and mould yourself to how you were before or how you always wanted to be.. and that’s simply by making choices. It’s fine if you make the wrong ones. Sometimes, its best not to make wrong choices when they are very obvious, but its fine! Learn from them. Don’t do them again! But that’s definitely better than making no choice at all because of a couple of failures you’ve had.

Don’t let your failures define you! Choose, but don’t expect choices to be perfect. And when they are not perfect, learn to go forward. That is the way. When you look back after many years, maybe all your choices won’t be perfect, but you’ll be proud of growing out of it and becoming who you are today! That’s what matters.

If you are doing something right, try and analyse the different options and choices given to you.. why you have chosen what you are currently doing right now and does it matter? I mean, how big of an impact does that make in your life? It could be a job or just a coffee..Think about it guys!

Good day❤️

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