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Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Hello, butterflies! How are ya’ll doing? Hope you all are enjoying your summer! Well, at least getting suntanned a lot... Haha

Growing up as an Asian, I was always told that competition was all around me and that I had to compete with my fellow classmates in order to be at the top. Especially, if you're an Asian you could probably expect your mum or dad to ask ’so what did your friend get on that test? Who got the highest mark? How come you didn't get that?’, just after you’ve told them your own results. Does it really matter? But, what is competition really? For me, it is competing with yourself to be better than who you were yesterday & aiming to compete with yourself tomorrow to be better than today! That's it right? Yes, aiming to be at the top is a really good vision to work for, but it becomes easier when you concentrate on yourself ONLY! Not on everybody else! We may be living in a very innovative & improved world, but I still hear students say ’ahh this is so hard, I am so incapable, everyone else is better than me in my class!’ No! That’s not what you should be saying - you should be saying ’this is hard but I am going to do this - I am going to do this for myself.’ You're doing this for yourself and definitely not for anybody else. So do it in a way that could give you happiness - when you do it for yourself, even if you fail you will still have the satisfaction of doing things your way which will automatically lift you up and will make you work for it more. Congratulations to everyone who took exams recently and have got your results back. Especially here in the UK, lots of GCSE’s & A-Levels came back. I am very sure that all of you - and I mean ALL OF YOU will end up in a very good position in life regardless of whatever grades you’ve currently got.

Be proud of yourself! Do it for yourself! Compete yourself! Win it yourself! & continue working that way!

Good day ya'll :)

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