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December December! 🎄

Updated: Jan 27

Hey guys! I have totally fallen in love with the whole idea of writing blogs about everything I think practically and of course, I like to change up some things in between too. So I will be writing some lifestyle blogs too. Like experiences, holidays, travels etc. The best part is, all will be posted on the same blog page to keep everything in one place.

As December has began very adventurously for me, I want to mention something that I have decided to do this Christmas. Which I will be continuing to do every Christmas (hopefully) too. Before I jump in to it, I want to thank you guys for your support and I have met some lovely humble people lately, so thank you to them too.

Appreciation advent ! Trust me guys! This literally made my December extra extra special! Like another level of energy! This was introduced to me by my sister but she did say that many other people do it too even tho I've never heard about it before. So, I am going to say a little bit about what it actually is for all of you that don't know much about it before going further. Advent appreciation is when you pick 25 super gorgeous people in your life up until Christmas and appreciating them for all that they have done to you every day. So it would be a person a day. It is very similar to opening a gift from the advent calendars - both are such blessed gifts right? As I have such a big family, I have decided to do some in chunks and some alone. It's all fine as long as love travels throughout it.

I totally loved this idea when my sister told me it because just 2 weeks ago I had written a post about appreciating others and having the experience of doing it as it takes you to the holiday season is triple happiness in my point! I truly have not heard anyone that I know of do it however, it does not need to happen publicly. So if you are already doing it, then amazing! If not it's never too late to start.

Really, you only live once, let's share love and happiness as it will find it's way back to you not wanting to leave you. Make love love you. That's the best way to live.

If you are doing anything special/new this Christmas, then do pass it around. Good things can be shared as many times as it possibly could. Hope you all are having a super energetic Christmas just the same way as I am. If you are not, if you need to talk about something then feel free to pop up. I may not be able solve your problem but being there or any kind of input will make a change!

Good day all!

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