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Force! - Religion (Part 1)

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

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I’ve been wanting to mention something for a very long time now, hence just got the chance to. FORCE! ‘Compulsion, especially with the use or threat of violence’ - this is the definition in most dictionaries. Is this really it? Maybe. It depends on what the compulsion is about. It is such a big topic and that’s why i have decided to divide this in to two. Religion & career (obviously, this doesn’t cover the entire topic, but the ones which I want to get across). This post will be about the first one - religion.

Religion plays a very big part in everybody’s lives. Sometime because you take part in it and sometimes because you don’t. I was once taught that there are over 4000 religions in this world and simply each has from 1 - infinity amount of believers believing in the process, beliefs and words under every religion.

Of course, not everybody is as dedicated and driven to their religion as others are and it is definitely right and valuable to share each other’s religious beliefs and such. But! But but but!! Why do people try and force or threaten others to be part of their beliefs? Just because they believe in it, does it mean it is the most veracious thing to believe in?

You guys may think ‘what is she on about? I mean, who does that?’ But it has happened! & I’ve seen it. One of my close friends has been through such situation. She was in a romantic relationship with a guy from another religion and at the beginning, for both of them, it seemed as if it didn’t matter. Both of them promised not to compromise their beliefs - until the guy started threatening her to convert to his religion or else he’d leave her. At this point, for many of us it’s very easy to say ‘ahh she should leave him and move on. There are many others who could treat her better’! But for her it wasn’t the same. She went through real struggle, depression, anxiety and what not. Obviously, her wonderful family & friends stood by her! Throughout! I am not lying when I say, it affected her family & friends too. Right now, I am really proud to say that she has come out of the whole situation and is now pursuing her dreams & goals, doing things she love etc. It’s really amazing to see another soul fight through all barriers to stand where she is right now.

However, why guys? Why put someone through such mental/physical stress? Why waste someone’s hopes, believes, time and more? It does not really have to be a partner.. It could be your friends, colleagues and many others. If they don’t accept you for who you are as a personality, your beliefs, dreams and ambitions then are they so worth it? Not everybody has the courage to tell their families.. imagine what those people would go through? Alone!

If you or someone you know is going through such dilemma then help them! Some people often think that the best way to be a better person is by being that someone who the society or the person they love (accordingly) want them to be.

No! If you ever have to change your basic background for people who don’t understand you or appreciate you for who you are then they are DEFINITELY NOT WORTH IT!

‘You’re beautiful - not only outside but widely inside too!’ - pass this message on to at least one person today. It will definitely come back to as 100s. Let’s appreciate and accept each other for who we are!

Good day guys🌻

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