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Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Forgiving! Forgiving is fine.. but what is it? Is it something you do for others? Or is it something you do for yourself? Well, personally, I thought it was something you do for other people. Until I did it for myself one day. To get the entire situation out of my mind. So that I was able to look at them in the eye and be the better person.

Why do you forgive? Ask yourself. See if you can answer it and rewind back to some incidents where you were able to forgive someone else regardless of how bad the damage was.

If you had the chance to show someone how it felt when they hurt you, what would you do? Use that opportunity or be the better person while helping them to grow as well? Before you make the decision, have a good think. If you do what they did to you, what does that make you? How does that make you distinctive?

I was once told that the biggest punishment for someone who's hurt you would be to forgive them. But whose really willing to learn from punishments these days? From my opinion I feel that when you forgive someone it should make them feel guilty for what they did to you so that guilt itself would teach them the right lesson.

At the same time, by forgiving them, you'll be able to grow from it too. To evaluate, to acknowledge what went wrong and how you've let such mistake happen. Even if it wasn't because of you, you were still a part of it and you've been hurt/affected by it. We all learn from mistake rights? Sometimes even when the mistake is not yours, you can still learn from it. It becomes easier to understand when you're a part of the whole setting. Either way revenge is never suggested. Whether you feel that forgiving is a punishment or a lesson, learn to forgive. At least for your own good.

After someone's made a mistake that has

hurt you really bad or made a big impact and you've finally forgiven them, what do you do after? Well, have a think. I will catch you guys on my next post, next Monday. Until then take good care of you and those around you, my beautiful human beings!

and oh hey, don't forget to SMILE.. It suits you pretty well! :)

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