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Ideas and decors to make your house feel like a home

For most of us, home is a safe heaven and a comfort zone. It is a place where you are most comfortable and spend most of your time. Why? Because it's the heaven you've created right? So why not make it more lively with these ideas?

1. Choosing the right accents

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The right choice of colours for your home can soothe your mind and eyes as well as have the correct flow around your home making it flawless and harmonious. That is why not only your paint selection but also the items in your home should have a drizzle according to your taste and mind to connect with you.

If you notice, you'll realise that certain colours have the power to brighten your mood to make better reactions while others don't. It is also my belief that the world is very much interlinked that every action has a reaction and a connection to another object, person or even the nature in the world.

According to, researches have found that green light reduces migraine by 20 percent, however, blue light aggregates headache.

2. Set up your favourite spots

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For you to make your house feel like a home, you need to feel happiness in there right? It is not always possible to feel happy everywhere at home but that one spot - it could be a reading spot, warming fireplace, a comfortable sofa, a balcony coffee spot, painting area etc.

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It could be anything. It would be a place that you go to when you're down, feeling troubled and would want some time for yourself to cool down and be back to yourself again. This would often help within deeper relaxation for you to achieve a calm mental state.

3. Accessorize your walls

Do you have those moments when you stare into space at times? That's your wall most of the time when you're at home. Along with photos, frames with sayings, religious pictures and wall decors related to your hobbies which would help your home light up too.

On the side, you can see samples of a huge world map that would be loved by travellers like myself, frames with sayings which you could personalise as per your choice and wall mirrors which make a great addition to your home depending on the aesthetic you follow.

4. Add bold, statement pieces

Creating a simple atmosphere is quite elegant and easy, but, adding the extra bold, statement pieces here and there adds a visual treat to the eyes. You can always find inexpensive yet exquisite additions if you search well.

This could be anything from a vase, clocks, mirrors, chandeliers, curtains, coffee tables to statement walls and much more like the ones in the pictures.

5. Tint of nature for some extra peace

Nature is always seen as a therapeutic approach to the body and mind. Especially for the better of mental well being. That is why adding a little bit of nature inside your home also has many benefits not only to your home but to yourself too.

You'll find yourself feeling fresh and back to life breathing the natural healthy air while doing the things you love being at the place you've designed with love. While doing all that, you'll automatically find yourself falling in love with everything all over again - That's what a peaceful mind leads to.

6. One wall decor

One side wall decors are surely a thing now and in trend as well. It is like a display wall on one side of the wall - a place/space for you to arrange your favourites, e.g. gallery wall - pictures with or w/o frames, ceramic collections, fabric display, floral wall, paintings, shelves with personal achievements, painted plates, arrangements of plants, wall art, basket wall etc.

This is something I am looking to create in the future as it's such a gorgeous addition. Especially a floral wall which I think is super cute.

7. Have a makeover once in a while

Do you know the feeling of moving into a new house and arranging everything? That fresh, new feeling? Well, you don't have to move houses to feel that again. Just by re-arranging and switching things over once in a while could make your house feel revived and restored. I've also felt that it's a great stress buster too. When you get busy thinking of new ideas for your home you'll start to forget other things.

8. Simple and small investments

I love investing in simple additions like candles as they don't only look beautiful but also give out great energy and positive vibes to the atmosphere. Himalayan salt rock is also welcomed by many lately as it helps to overcome stress and keep your mind calm and in peace - even though I have not used this yet, I am looking to purchase this in the near future to experience the energy. If you have any small additions around your home then do leave them in the comments box below.

9. Inviting entry

It is important that you keep your entrance welcoming and warming. It is the first impression guests get from your house as soon as they enter. It is important to keep it clean and definitely avoid overfilling. Candles are often preferred at the main entrance to make the guest feel positive energy. Some even leave sweets and chocolates for kids to grab on the way in.

10. Keeping it simple and tidy

Last but the most important rule of making your house feel like a home is to keep it tidy and clean. If you notice, you'll realise that your house looks very dull because it might not be tidy or something is not in the place where you've kept it initially. Folding clothes, dusting, cleaning and other tidying acts would make your house more lively and enjoyable to be in.

I love spending time and effort on creating and finding additions for my home as one or the other always seems to cheer me up when I am dull. The secret is that most of the time there is always a personal touch to those products and DIYs.

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