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Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Hello! After a long time. Yes I have been procrastinating typing so much and I have now finally found time for it. This is purely all about my INDIA VACAY. So yeh don't worry I am not going to lecture you about life for a while aha.  Flying alone in a 12 hour flight coincidentally after 12 years didn't get to me till I got inside the flight. Yes I was super crazy about India (Which everybody around me got super tired of hearing about) but the whole flying process didn't get to me at all. Believe me when I say I didn't sleep throughout the flight to Chennai because I was super scared each time the flight moved a little faster.. yeh that's me. I finally arrived at the Chennai International Airport and to my surprise it was 40 degrees (No! I definitely didn't expect it to be that HOT!!). Now, it's so rare that we hit 25 in London so it was super (SUPER X 5) hot. Everything was different there. From the environment to the way things were dealt, but again, sometimes you need to have that alarm to remind you that life is not the same everywhere and life is about experiencing every little thing you could possible experience in as many different ways right?   As I went alone I had to/chose to deal with anything that came my way. However, No, things weren't bad at all. I was treated with welcoming hearts and words. You need to have your time away from your loved ones to get more closer to them at times and I chose to see this vacay as one of them as well enjoying everything to the maximum. If you check my Instagram feed you'll know how I am still not done with posting pictures from India even after 3 weeks of return.  India is very well known for the years and years of  history it consists of. I felt very blessed to have visited Mahabalipuram (aka Mamallapuram - an ancient historical town in Tamil Nadu) and Kanchipuram (another historical town in TN previously ruled by the Pallavas - Medieval Cholas) apart from Chennai where I had stayed throughout my trip. To have known and learnt about Hinduism since childhood, it was a blessing to have visited some amazing temples and a famous one amongst them was 'Kanchi Kamatchi Amman temple.'  The colourful atmosphere, hot hot weather, busy crowded areas, unlimited street food and shopping, being able to shop at Indiya (it's not just a shop but my dream world), 5.30 am natural alarms from birds and animals, the unreal look people give you when you wear something they are not familiar with, spicy street mangoes, crazy auto rides and not forgetting to mention my most favourite - lemon soda which made my entire trip one to treasure forever.  Ah yes, well If you visit India and plan to do some shopping, please bare in mind that it won't be just "some" shopping. Prepare yourself for the madness beforehand. My luggage was 10kg overweight at the airport (Don't ask me if I did not check the weight before coming because the answer is no i didn't) even after sending 2 huge parcels filled with all the shopping I did.  I will never regret even a bit about this particular vacay which was the starting point to my 'Travel the world' bucket list. Yet what made it adventurous? The fact that I travelled solo made it super fun but yeh not having my family next to me was a downfall too. It's okay, life is a complete package of everything (and I am stressing on that EVERYTHING!) :) Good days :)

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