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Jan’s recap🌻

Updated: Jan 27

Hey guys, after a long time right? Hope you are all doing well. Belated Happy New Year to you all. I had the busiest January in such a long time. In fact, this is the busiest January of my life because of the job I do.

I wanted to base this blog as a recap of my January which includes things like what motivated me to have my head high up and keep working towards my goals. This January I told my self that I am going to take a challenge every month where I would compete with myself (the lazy side) and find ways to overcome that laziness. So, I wanted to start with a healthy food challenge. I did not spend any money on special things except from two green tea packs that I believed suited me and helped me start and end my days. Other than that, everything else was usual and it was all about how I designed it to suit me better.

On top of all the positives, I did feel as if I was going to be tempted by all the wonderful food my mum made and extras like chocolates and fizzy drinks that I used to secretly buy. Hence, I wanted to put my 100% effort to try and keep up with it. I knew myself that some days weren't going to be as expected for e.g. when I fall sick or when I feel super tired as I knew how big of a month January was going to be for me regarding work.

To my surprise, I stayed in my line as much as I could've. I kept a journal on what I ate on a daily basis and looking back to it I feel super proud of myself. Of course, I have not lost kilos and kilos even though people around me have seen difference but inside, I feel very different. I feel much stronger, that I have a capability to achieve if I aim for something and I am definitely going to continue this because this is a huge path in knowing myself better. To know what you're good at and what needs improvement is a huge step itself.

The whole point is, if I can do it, you all definitely can too. If something you aimed for hasn't happened in a way you wanted it, then no worries. Don't give up. In fact try harder the next time. You might not have it 100% your way but you will definitely see improvements. What more do you need other than knowing that you're getting better each day? Let's try something new today or even let's try something again that you've failed in the past.

Good day guys! 💗

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