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Let’s be together!

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Today, tomorrow and every day! This is not going to be any random post but one that is very close to my heart. especially, at this point... with all that the world is going through. Yes! It is the Virus... Corona Virus now officially COVID-19. What is it guys? What is it that we are fighting for? To stock up on food, drinks and ah not forgetting to mention, toilet rolls. Including my household. How has the world become so tricky to deal with? On top of all that we had before? How are we so shocked about loosing over 5.8K lives under 2 months due to the virus when over 25K people were already dying on a daily basis due to hunger? Yes, HUNGER! Why didn't any of this matter to most of us including myself until this situation? What is it that we missed? Humanity? Are you wondering what I am on about? Think patiently.. are we panicking because people are dying or is it that people are dying due to a new issue? a new problem? a new cause? and the hype it has created? We have to look after one another. There is clearly no point in pointing fingers and fighting over products at supermarkets. The world would have been a better place if we had looked after one another from a very long time and that includes animals too. That is the truth. You can sit there and argue with me through your screen but that is the truth! Not all of us but many of us need to start looking at the world as a together place! Here we have to stay strong.. together and be understanding! Look after one another. Check up on others. Share and care. Protect our selves as well as others from the deadly virus we are surrounded by so that we can come out to thank the life we are blessed with. Many in the world are currently losing their loved ones and a lot of people are in vulnerable positions. My prayers are out to all of you! Every one of you around the world! Note to yourself: Don't forget.. many around the world are praying for your well being. You are not alone!♥️

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