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Let’s wrap it up - 2019!

Updated: Jan 27

Classic start & an adventurous finish!  

Hello my beautiful humans! How has 2019 flown so quick? but I am super proud of saying IT IS FINISHING WITH A BANG!! Yes you're right this is an overview of my (our) 2019! Something we  built together and finishing together. 

First, why am I doing this? Why am i sitting and reviewing this year in particular other than all the other years? That is what I am going to tell you now. It is very important that you review something when you have worked so hard through it, succeeded through most of it (if not all) and learnt some valuable lessons from the times you didn't succeed (I don't want to say you've failed because you don't fail until you give up). It is so important that you often sit down to evaluate the many times you have succeeded and give a tap on your back just because it motivates you a lot more than many other things could. Self motivation and self appreciation is the things guys! It does a lot of wonders! 

Now, I started this blog back in July 2018, and from then to now a lot (A LOT!) has changed. Personally, my 2019 has been far too adventurous than all my other years. As most of you know I flew away many times but other than that being at home, having my usual routine I found it different somehow - My 2019, (I'd like to call it my 2019 as much as possible because I definitely do not regret being part of it and soon we will be saying 2020 and how weird (in such a good way) is that!).


My 2019 probably started thinking 'I am going to get this girl through a roller coaster!' and erm thank you, it surely did. I worked, studied, travelled like a complete butterfly, ate more, went out more, had my self out, been more of my self (trust me I did!) and much more that I always regretted not doing in 2018. Out of it all, the best one would be that I didn't put my self down or stand back because I was told to! For many of you this is super super small! But being me, lack of self confidence I really wanted to get to December 2019 knowing I've gone past that. Why am I so proud of being myself? Because who else is going to value you more than yourself! 

I have not always had the best. There were times where I had to be alone, broken in tears. Those times surely made me a stronger woman. How else are you going to get better if you have everything so perfect? I agree, I am not perfect and I will never be. No one is! However, my 2019 was stronger than 2018 and my 2020 will be even better! Don’t worry if your 2019 wasn't the best. Maybe, it was just boosting and training you for your 2020? But then, don’t make the same mistakes you made in 2019 again in 2020. 

What have you got passed? What's so different from your 2018 & 2019? Have you ever wanted to do an overview and didn't know how to? or it didn't seem like you achieved much? Yes you did! Like 8 months you did something so little and someone thanked you from the bottom of their heart - that's an achievement you just forgot about. Go on - what are you waiting for?


2020 - Here we come!👏🏻

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