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Mental health - Suicidal thought

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Congratulations! You have successfully won over all them negative days that you had to face and now standing at your very own special place in life.. even if you haven't yet, i'd like to think that you are not far from it. 

Just passing Mental Health Day 2019 on Thursday, 10th October 2019, I saw many posts, messages etc. on my socials and around locals in regards to this very special day. I had seen some very cute and thoughtful personal views and posts especially to check up on those around us and today and I am simply here to share my very own view with a bit of personal experience. 

Life won't give you victory all day and every day.. that'll be super boring. If you can face victory then you should be ready to face failure too. meh.. it's easier said than done isn't it? Having lived 22 years of my own life and having seen many people in these years, I can with all my heart state that we all are definitely not the same. Some smile/cry over failures and some intend to hurt themselves physically and sometimes even commit suicide. Yes! Suicide is what I really wanted to talk about today! I have written about it before, I am writing about it now and I will never stop writing about it with a slight hope that it would catch someone's eyes that is need of help - and I could put in my effort to help them as much as possible .. that could even be listening to them express how they feel. 

Is the society telling you that you are a coward because you tried committing suicide? Stop it! will you? 

How much should it have hurt you for you to make such a decision beyond your family, love, children, friends and yourself! For you to be able to choose such decision beyond all these wonderful things in the world? I can't (always) solve your problems and no one will.. not even yourself.. not everything can/should be solved anyway! Some things find their way better than what we do to make it better. Hence, I can tell you one thing today! - LIFE WILL GET BETTER! 

It will one day be in a state where you will wake up and thank whatever that you believe in (in my case it's nothing beyond god) for giving you such a blessed life, for stopping you make that suicidal decision, for helping you live a little longer so that you could help someone whose in the exact same (if not little or more) situation as you were one day (one terrible day). 

As someone who has thankfully escaped suicidal thoughts, as someone who has seen my loved ones around grow towards that suicidal thoughts, I can with strength tell you - it's not worth it! IT'S SIMPLY NOT WORTH YOU AND YOUR LIFE. You are much more than that situation you are in today and your life definitely has much to it. Yes, understandably, I honestly don't know your pain and sorrows. I honestly don't know what life has put you through in the past but, YOU NEED TO BE ALIVE TO SEE WHAT THAT PRETTY SOUL INSIDE YOU IS ABOUT TO DO TO FACE THAT FEAR THAT YOU'RE TRYING TO RUN AWAY (PERMANENTLY) FROM. The world doesn't want to miss someone like you .. who knows what you are about to invent? Maybe an electronic device that could measure how weak someone has become? 

Without you opening up, there's very little someone can do to understand your pain. 

The little someone can do is to listen to your words and actually LET YOU TALK IT ALL OUT FOR ONCE! 

Maybe, then, some things will actually make sense.. and after all, you'll understand that nothing comes before you.. not even your problems! 

It's only a suggestion.. that's been going around for ever! if it's so old and a usual suggestion then why do I see so many people not doing it? Try it.. if you think you have done it all to come to this decision, then NO! You probably haven't yet got to that someone or received that something your heart is searching out for when you express yourself. 

"It's like a dandelion. You pull up the flower, not realising the roots are deep and have spread far. You survive, but the call of the void never quite goes away. But you learn to not answer it" - Amanda L from 

From a friend - who is and will always be here to be spoken to :)

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