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Negatives of lockdown

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Hello everyone! Having fun isolating at home? Making use of the time? Well, if there are no bad days then the good days won’t make sense, would they? I became very curious to know the other side of our fun and useful quarantine, and I ended with the list below. 

1. Family

We’ve got all the time in our hands right now. A lot more time with our family than ever before (for most of us). That means a lot more time to laugh, share the good moments, argue and to get frustrated. Many people including myself have been involved (unintentional ones) in the negative side of quarantine and to be frank - family arguments. This could include basic problems like having told to do certain things that you don’t want to do but instead of saying no, the frustration of looking at the same walls every day makes you argue instead. This issue at the point may seem like a big ball of a blast, but down the line, you would slowly realise that it was not a big deal. 

The one and the only way I leave this behind is to understand that none of us are at the best place in life right now. Therefore, neither of us did the wrong action (if it is just more than an argument then learn) and no ‘putting myself down’ is needed. We should not be too quick to judge ourselves - it’s okay if other people do it, but you must be there for yourself! All the time! Regardless of the situation. This is only because no one can understand yourself better than you, but that does not mean you are right at every inch of your life.

Imagine the families that lost their loved ones, not able to say their last goodbyes or even see them for the last time. What we have compared to all those people is something to appreciate. With the little sacrifices, we will save the world together. 

2. Friends

This distant time could feel like it’s pulling you away from your friends, but it is the time for you to realise who your true friends are. You and your friends have all the time to check up on each other. Yes, you could work and do the house chores, but that doesn’t take up all day, does it? If they haven’t made the effort, then you make it. Call, text, email, etc. and check up on each other. See who responds. You could lose a couple of your friends who you thought are your best mates for life. Don’t feel bad - Friends are not only to hang around and spend together but also to show love and support when the distance makes an appearance. Please don’t expect replies within seconds or minutes. Give them some time and you take your time to think. Maybe then you’ll realise who you have in life. Does this seem like a bad idea? Well, try it for yourself. You will come out with the best part of yourself after quarantine. 

3. Relationship issues

Right, this one is big and a famous one too. Being away from that one person you used to spend so much time with could ring so many bells in your head (some weird and unnecessary ones too). Not being able to cope with the distance, one of the two might want to spend more time on the phone than the other. However, the other person might not be a fan of being on the phone for too long (for whatever reason). I have heard of couples who left the entire relationship during this harsh time. That is so difficult, right? Not able to go to other places to divert their minds. Having to sit between the same walls, staring at the same things is a big burden, right? Imagine the situation. Can you relate or something similar? If you can then hold on tight. This is not for too long. These are all small issues that might look so big at the moment’s heat. The only way to come out of this would be to understand each other. Spend time together, however, have your own time to do things too. Remember, you have a lot of things you didn’t do before because you didn’t have ‘enough time’. Spend your time wisely. Spending 12 hours of sleeping is better than spending 2 hours on the wrong person.

If you are in good terms with your partner, then other things like not being able to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries etc. together could low your mood. Again, think about the most vulnerable people right now and all the little sacrifices you do would make so much sense. 

4. Low self-esteem

We spend a lot of time scrolling through the internet and social media where we get to see a lot of other peoples’ lives and all the exciting things they do. All those pictures and videos could make you wonder why you are not at their place in life. They could wander around, travel, eat the best food, post the best-looking photos etc. Remember something, we are not living the same life as anybody else and their lives don’t end with the cute and happy looking pictures they post on Instagram. Don’t compare yourself with anyone else. This is a very crucial time for the entire world and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, for the safety of the world, you are staying at home to protect yourself and everyone else. Yes, not everybody is earning well, only a few students are gaining their full-packed education, we can’t go out to spend time with our loved ones, do our hobbies, play sports, shopping etc. but this is not forever! 

You may have had many things on your checklist for 2020 and the pandemic could have shattered a lot of that but think about the number of lives lost and their families - be grateful for what you have right now. You will get to complete and achieve all that’s on your list. The time will come, and everything will be back to normal. Until then, carry on what you are doing right now and that is to stay home whenever you are asked to. You will be back to work and continue education. You will be out flying to your dream destination. You will do everything that’s on your checklist. 

I just have one request for you all - please don’t let yourself down whatever the situation is. It will all pass by while you stay strong to compete and complete. You can do it! You’ve come all this way so don’t drop now. The above list includes examples I collected when I asked my friends and family about the negatives they experienced during the lock-down. It was amazing to hear that some people had no negatives as they took everything positive.  

I also would like to thank all key workers who have been massively supporting the world and keeping it going. You are our superstars. Thank you.

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