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Our christmas tree is finally up🎄

Updated: Jan 27

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog! Hope everyone's passing the Christmas joy as we are nearing one of the best times of the year. If you follow me on Instagram then you would already know that my posts won't be lying on every Mondays now as I don't want to fix a specific day. Also, this blog is not going to be all about motivations as I will be blogging about other fun times too. So happy to be sharing many many new experiences with you wonderful humans!

So, Christmas is coming soon and the first question I am going to ask you people is have you all put your Christmas trees up yet? Well if you have then amazing! If not, hurry hurry we have got exactly 2 weeks till Christmas! (depending on when you are reading this). We have just recently put our Christmas tree up and for the first time, I felt the Christmas spirit. I and my sister even recorded a video to pair up with this blog but I must say it was such a hilarious flop! (Lol) However, check out the picture below to see me being so involved in putting the entire decoration up.

While I was putting the tree up, I was actually wondering about the whole point of the tradition. Putting the Christmas tree up and decorating it is something I have been doing since I was a very little baby even back in my home country. Yet, what is it? So I decided to search it up.

The following pieces of information are based on what I read from

Just about a couple hundreds of years ago, Pagans and Christians used fir trees and its branches to decorate their houses as it reminded them of the upcoming season spring. It also reminded Christians of the life of humans and their everlasting life with God. It is to be believed that fir trees were first used as Christmas trees by people in Northern Europe about 1000 years ago. To my surprise, they were first hung upside down from chandeliers and lighting hooks. People often used cherry and hawthorn plants to see them blossom during Christmas times as a bright moment during the winter times. When people could not afford these they made their own trees out of papers.

So one way or another they all shares love and happiness. Most important of it all, they knew how to be happy with even the most simple things.

To my knowledge, Christmas trees are not only to be decorated as they have something to refresh us each time. Let's remind ourselves of people who can't afford to put a Christmas tree up and gift Christmas presents every year as we do. Let us remind ourselves that our life is very similar to a tree's life. We all are here for a purpose, so don't cut your relationship with God, hence develop it. Don't use God's name, his support and blessings to hurt another person.

Let's help a person each this Christmas. If we all help a person each that's every single one of us on earth celebrating a happy Christmas this year! If we can do so much while putting in much less effort then what is stopping us? You don't have to tell each other what you do. You don't have to tell the world what you do. Just do it. I am doing my part this Christmas so make sure you do too.

Let us start by putting a smile on each other's faces and develop on to helping each other have a fortunate Christmas this year💗

good day guys🌻

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