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Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Hello all! Still smiling hey? Well I am and it’s amazing so you should too :) 

So on Friday, I was on my way to my holiday in Devon. On the way, i came past this beautiful field full of greenery with a little bit of orange flowers there and about.  What actually took me back was that, out of the entire scene of greenery my eyes were attentive to the orange flowers. I was wondering why. But then I realised that it is the same with our lives too. 

Imagine the field as our life, the greenery as happiness and the orange flowers as our problems. Automatically, the problems in our life would take the centre of attention. Maybe, they do need a lot of attention. Now, that is not wrong, but what happens to the positivity in our lives? Try connecting it, even when there is no connection - you try and link them with positivity.  

Always think this way - if you’re worried about something, would that problem matter in a couple months or years? 

If not, then what is the need of picking your head about it. Try and sort things out if not things will find its own way. But never loose your confidence or positivity for something so temporary. 

If you want to cry and get over it ,then do it. But, nothing matters more than you.

Always keep your self positive - with lots of self respect and happiness. Thats the way to deal with problems! 

Good day guys!

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