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Quarantine to-do's

Updated: Feb 3

Hey, sunflowers! Okay, I haven't said that in ages. How's quarantining going? How's being away from your normal routine, friends and loved ones going? Honestly speaking, it is not very nice to be away from your normal life and be at home not knowing when things will change and be back to normal. However, life is not always as planned so it would be challenging to make use of the time whilst you have it. Below are some ideas on how I have spent my last couple of weeks quarantining at home.

1. Rest well

Firstly, before everything, rest well. This may sound like something we do every day, all our lives but this is not the same. Of course, we all (at least most of us) sleep every day at nights, during breaks at work, while travelling by public transport etc. Some of us have 4 - 8 hours of sleep and some none at all. Why? Because we were all too busy with our lives, working, earning, saving, studying, running all day every day to meet our never-ending goals. However, for many of us, right now, this is not the case. We have been given the time to for ourself. To stay at home. Why don't you use it to freshen yourself? Put your phone away, turn the lights off, pull the curtains together and sleep. Get that sleep you wished for when you were at work in front of your computer or when on that bus home, tired, knowing you can't sleep because you had commitments. Remember, too much sleep is never good for you - so have your 8 hours every day. This might even get you into a good routine for many of you that suffer from sleep cycle.

2. Yoga, Exercise, pamper and You

Give yourself/your body the right input and attention for it to give you back the energy and look you require from it. You can't be sitting at home, eating all day, watching TV etc. and expect to come out with a summer body. For me, looking good is the second part. First is always the mind. Have you ever thought about what happens to your mind if you sit in the same place all day long? For me, my mind freezes and easily gets adapted to my lifestyle of sleep, eat, work from home, Netflix repeat. The thought process of what I will be by the end of the whole COVID-19 epidemic scares me. I know that gyms are closed and you can't go outside unless it's necessary but we've got the technology in our hands now. Variety of apps, youtube videos, personal trainers online and many more. Make use of them.

I recently found 2 apps for yoga and exercise (picture below) and I have to be honest -

they are doing wonders to my routine. I like to train with someone else because of many reasons but the top one has to be that there are two of you to motivate each other so there are very minimal days where both of you are tired and that person is none other than my mum.. haha... I have to say - she's amazing and super motivating!

3. Have a change

You must've got bored doing the same thing, living in the same atmosphere all the time (no, I am not telling you to go out, haha). Now, try different things. Maybe, new things. It could be anything e.g.

1. Write (poetry, songs, blogs, stories)

2. Cook, bake or/and help

3. Draw, paint ("I wish to become a child again".. well, you've got the chance now)

4. Make candles from leftovers or scratch (they are super fun. I've done one my self and it smells so divine!) - Below is the link to the candle wicks I ordered from eBay :

5. Change the layout of your room, DIYs, new additions, sort out clothes for charity (Now, my room looks and feels very different. Try it for yourself if you don't believe me)

6. Check out some courses online - there are plenty and a lot of varieties too. Learn a new instrument, language, recipes, DIY techniques, sports techniques etc.

4. Plan something for you to do after quarantine.

Not only me and you but the whole world would have realised the value of time now..all those times we forgot to appreciate the little things. As you have the time now, why don't you plan something for you to do after quarantine? It could be anything like travel plans to other countries, who you'd like to meet after quarantine, what career plans you'd like to consider in the nearby future, what new things you'll like to learn (clubs) etc. Do keen research about your future plans, studies, jobs, other opportunities and many more (of course, not too far into the future since you don't know what could happen in the world).

5. Catch ups

Due to your busy schedules, you might have been busy to connect with your friends, families and relatives. Use this time to talk to them and to check upon them. You won't always get time like this to sit, rest, chat etc. It's a great time to share all the pressure you've been carrying with you, including work, family, friends, relationship problems and mental state pressure. You can also give and gain knowledge, support and confidence through this. Tell each other about childhood memories, past events, laugh, spend time without physically being there.

Also, this is a great time to catch up on all those movies, series and programmes you have listed. Even the ones you started and couldn't finish off due to time. TIME TIME TIME! This used to be a great need and an amazing excuse for many. Especially to procrastinate. "Oh, I don't have time right now. I'll do that later!"... but now we have plenty.

6. Work from home

This is a great one to keep you on track. It is very easy to procrastinate work while you are at home but how long are you going to procrastinate for? Finish off a little day by day and you'll reach your goals very soon. Working from home and continuing with things you did before COVID-19 is also a great reminder that this situation is not permanent and that everything will be back to normal.

If I have missed anything then do let me know in the comments below or through the contact page so I can try them while I have the time too.

In everything, there are both positives and negatives and my next blog will be on the negatives of quarantining at home. Until then, enjoy and appreciate whatever you do and have.

Good day

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