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Quick to judge!

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Hello everyone! How has 2020 been treating you all? Just a month out of 12 and so many things have happened in the world and so many lives lost already. Definitely, there is only one lesson from all these. Live your life to the fullest! Coz, you never know what's coming your way.

Now, having said that, I mean live YOUR life! It belongs to you! Others have their own lives.. don’t let them live their’s and yours too. Similarly, don’t let somebody else feel like you’ve snatched their life just because you think they are not living in a way you‘d choose to. But why am I saying that? Because, it is not your life, it’s theirs! Let them be happy, smiley, sad, lively, lazy, boring, time-wasting, successful and much more. These are only names given to actions and emotions. By who? Humans. Yes! Us!

Also, bear in mind you don’t get to see what someone’s doing or going through all the time. Then how can you assess what you think is 100% when it’s not even 5%? You might be thinking they are always out or in their room all the time.. but what are they doing out or staying in their room all the time? Maybe, something that they enjoy doing? Something that makes them happy and successful? How can you tell if someone is actually smiling or faking it? How can you tell if the person trying to make you happy is happy themself?

Just know, not everyone shows out their complete life to everyone out there. We are all too quick to judge. If a child fails we are too quick to say you’re on your phone all the time and that’s why you have failed but maybe, they were doing some revision or reading a book or watching a video to help with their revision? You could turn to me and say ‘crap, why can’t you pick up a book to revise?’  It’s not always what you think it is. If it is not the way you’d do it.. it’s alright. That is probably not at all the only way of doing it. Chill and carry on doing you.

Have you noticed? You might have made someone feel as if they are failing just by your words without knowing their life at all. They could be successful personally but now that you’ve criticised and compared, it’s all fallen apart. That is one of the ways to make someone so low. Also, that is a way to fail yourself as a human too. This is just a small reminder to not make someone feel so less just because someone else made you feel that way or because you think you have to have a say in everything.

Of course, giving advices, guiding and being there is different. Completely different!

Learn to let others live their lives while you live yours.

Good day, ya’ll♥️

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