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Sri Lanka, Batticaloa - Gofundme fundraiser

Updated: Jan 27

Hello humans! Thank you for showing that humanity still exists in your form. Are you wondering why I am saying all this? Because not only to the good hearts that supported me but to so many other people that trusted individuals like myself, believed in our words and helped in the way that helped the affected people get back to their normal life in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka - I want to say a huge huge thanks to you guys. Trust me! Good things are your way!!  Yes I am talking about the biggest tragedy that took place in Sri Lanka on the 21st April 2019 - The huge bomb blasts that took the lives of many many people and left their families, friends and loved ones shocked and in tears, where some people even committed suicide as they didn't want to be in such a cruel world alone, without their people.  However, you people, whom I respect and thank so much, showed everybody that humanity still exists. Talking about the fundraiser that I started on the Gofundme page, with all of your help, contribution and god's blessings, we were able to collect ₹270,000 (Sri Lankan rupees). As they all had previously received help with food and shelter related aid as soon as the tragedy took place, at this moment they mostly needed financial help with hospital expenses such as medicines, operations, travel expenses to receive better medical help etc. as even tho months have passed, they are still going through the physical pain internally and externally and getting better day by day.  Per family ₹27,000 were given and 10 effected families were chosen after looking at each family's severity of the effect/damage and the ability to deal with such effect financially.  27,000 X 10 = ₹270,000 Think as if there are 4 people per family, just imagine how proud you should be of yourself and I mean SUPER PROUD OF YOURSELF for making the step forward to help them. #

Thank you! :)

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