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Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Hello, sunflowers! How are you all doing? As I promised I will post my travel blogs one by one as I have all the time to do them right now. My India blog is up already and if you want to have a read please click the link below and don't forget your feedbacks.

This blog will be about my July 2019 holiday to Switzerland, where I spent 6 beautiful days exploring the beauty of Bern with the limited source and time I had. Swiss is a dream for many because of its natural beauty. Below are places I went to in Switzerland while trying to explore the capital city of Switzerland. 

Murten see

Switzerland is full of beautiful lakes, and the one I got to visit first was the ever lovely Murten see (see means lake in German). We had to park the cars in the parking lot (parking was a

round 2CHF/£1.70), which was about 5 mins walk from the actual lake. You get to walk through the medieval streets to reach the never-ending lake view of Murten. Murten see is definitely picture worthy with crystal blue water and a clean atmosphere. Going to Switzerland and not visiting one of its lakes is definitely a loss. Make sure you do your research to find a beautiful lake nearby for you to catch its exceptional scenery during sunrise and/or sunset. 

Open-air swim baths

As my holiday's primary aim was to relax, we went to an open-air swimming pool called Badeanlage Weiermatt Koniz, which was located close to where we stayed during the travel. The fee of entry was 7CHF/£5.90 for an adult and 4CHF/£3.40 for a

child which was clearly worth the huge and multi-sized pools we made use of. I am extremely scared of heights (which I found out during that time. I get this awful sweaty feeling around my calfs every time I stand on top of heights) and to my surprise; I had the courage to jump off one of the jumping boards (okay, not that deep, but I still made it), which was amazing. I also spent a lot of time sunbathing (because I knew I had to intake my vitamin D before coming back to London and erm I kinda fell asleep too). Also, the pool was crystal clear with sun rays hitting everywhere to give that sparky feeling. 

Temple visit

I try to make temple visits as much as I can whenever I travel to a new country/ place, so I didn't want to miss out on the Bern Shivan temple - saivaneri koodam. One of the many reasons I found this place fascinating was that there were a church and mosque right next to the Temple - probably all part of the same building. This was exquisite inside and out. We didn't get the chance to visit the mosque and the church because they had their unique opening and closing times, but I could imagine their inner beauty and peace just by the look of it from outside.

It was very calm inside the temple, and we had all the time to pray with no rush. Definitely worth a visit if you'd like to explore cultures. 

Bern city

You cannot go to Swiss and not wander around the streets of Bern stadt (stadt means city in German).

It was so beautiful, clean and very touristy. The Swiss parliament is located in the Bern stadt along with many famous buildings and lank marks i.e. the Swiss bank, federal building, prison tower, Einstein house, simsinbrunnen etc. Walk through the city with no expectations and you'll come across many beautiful scenes and attractions. You can also find little tourist shops where you can purchase gifts such as key rings, little statues, fridge magnets etc. to bring back home in memory of the beautiful country. With trams going both ways and the clock tower in the middle, you will find the very best photogenic places to capture for you to treasure. 

Just about 20 mins walk away you will find the gorgeous rose garden (Rosengarten)

with many roses and fresh flowers. You will also find a panoramic view of the Bern city from this garden too. It is free to enter the garden, however, there is a restaurant where you can purchase food and drinks at several prices. Make sure to carry your camera or a phone with you as you'll want to click a picture of everything you see around this place. If you walk just about 25 mins, you'll find an ice-cream shop where you can buy layered flavoured yummy ice-creams to eat while relaxing. The ques are usually long there, so please be patient. 


We went to visit a family in Interlaken and they wanted to take us on a brief tour around one of the prettiest cities in Switzerland. First, we drove off to thunersee. As I mentioned

before Switzerland is full of lakes and again this was another beautiful lake we went to with such pure water and clean atmosphere. Great for pictures and if you can visit during the summer then it's a perfect time and place to relax. Next, we drove to Lauterbrunnen - a huge waterfall with the amazing surrounding. Wander around the village for a bit to find the perfect scenery. Due to lack of time, we couldn't spend a lot of time looking around the village, but it's on my 'must-see' list. Then we went to view the very famous

trummelbach falls. To go up, we had to purchase cable car tickets which were 11CHF/adult each (around 4CHF/child). There were 10 falls within and a lot of stairs to climb through. Make sure you have plenty of time to explore the beauty of trummelbach falls. From the top, you'll be able to make use of the beautiful view of the village along with the mountains, fog and falls. Finally, we went to the thunersee viewing point. Thunersee is huge and spreads around a variety of places, but wherever you see it from, you'll get a marvellous view of nature. 

Sunflower garden

The foremost thought that came to my mind when I entered Bern was about the pure nature it was surrounded by. Fewer buildings and more greenery to admire. If you have been following my blog for a while now, you'd know how crazy I am for sunflowers. Oh, my god, I came across the most amount of sunflowers I have ever seen in my entire life. Yes! I am seriously not lying! So many sunflower gardens and rice fields all around. Such a treat to eyes! While walking around these beautiful places you'll be able to get rid of any negative vibes. Also, have your cameras and phone fully charged because you will need it everywhere you go. Self-satisfaction and photos are the most satisfying things about travelling. 

Let me know any places you love in Switzerland so I can visit them too :) Good day and stay safe! ♥️

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