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Talking for yourself!

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Hello humans! How does it feel to think that we’ve only got about 6 weeks till the end of the year 2018? It’s pretty crazy, right? Don’t forget to check out and like my new Instagram page ‘Sunflower Stories - stories.sunflower’ to get new updates on my blog and many more.

Today’s post will be very short as it is to only create a simple thought about ourselves. In fact, to create a reminder.

Now, ask yourself this question and answer it - ‘How often do I speak up for myself?’. How often do you actually stand up and say ‘no I don’t agree to that!’. If you do it very often .. in fact, all the time then great! But if that’s not you then why not? What stops you? Is it not being bothered to do so? Or feeling ignored even if you were going to speak up? Well, it should be neither of it. Simply because your contribution to everything that includes you matters. I am talking about things that include the good cause, positivity and all sorts.

Do you know what gives the chance for the other person to put out the wrong point? You being silent about it. It lets them believe that what they are saying is right. Later down the line, it’ll probably convince you that what they said was right, since no one has said anything against it. Hence, everyone else would've felt the same way as you or similar that they didn't say the right thing or something against it.

We often complain that youngsters these days put out unnecessary things and unacceptable things. Well, if you feel it's wrong then put your point forward. Let’s not shut them down. Giving this opportunity to them would then lead them to stand up for the right when they grow up to better things in life.

Thinking from the other person’s view, you do not always have to take another person’s view as talking against you or having a battle with you. Think it as ’what if what I am saying is wrong?’. Maybe, if you start thinking things this way many arguments and battles could stop. This includes me as well. Thinking about things from different perspectives would definitely change the outcome at the end.

’Don’t listen to reply back, listen to understand’

This is one of my very fav quotes. Simply because too many of us can relate to this and that means I can too! Always tell yourself these things:

1. It is fine to say what you think.

2. Your views, opinions and points don’t have to impress everyone else as long as it doesn’t hurt them.

And finally..

3. You should be ready to face what comes your way once you’ve said your thought.

You’ll definitely feel a different once you start speaking for yourself.. once you start to express your thoughts. Give it a try and let me know guys!

Happy Monday you all💗


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