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The society & You!

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Hello butterflies! First of all, a big thank you for the support you guys gave on my last post! I feel so blessed to have received that kind of support from you guys!❤

Today I’ve brought in a very ‘buzzing’ topic which was suggested to me & I thought, why not. - ‘The society vs You’

I’ve seen a lot of social media posts regarding this and I have to mention, this is my favourite quote out of all and a very popular one too.

‘You need to destroy the idea that there’s an expectation to do things by a certain age. You don’t have to be married with kids at 25. Its okay to not have your dream job at 30 or to not have graduated by 22. There are no rules to life. Life is neither a race, nor a competition’


I totally agree with that. But then again, give this a think - we are a generation that can make the best out of something at the same time misuse the opportunity that’s given to us. A great example would be social media - I’ve seen a lot of successful people who got through to their success with the use of social media, but I also see a lot of people trolling an individual or a group regardless of how they’ll feel, cyberbullying and many more which have led to suicides as well.

I believe that this is why our parents/ society etc tries to look out for us. They won’t be right 100%, sometimes they can say the silliest thing that could put you down in life. Hence, the only way to tackle that would be to have your goals listed so that when they question you, you are able to answer them (some people could count this as shutting people down with success). Leave the society alone, but to your parents. Work towards your goal for them to look at you and say ‘I am proud of my child, let the society say whatever.’ - & only you could do that.

If all day, all you do is to sit on your phone, watch TV or be out and you have nothing to say when they ask you what your goal in life is, then obviously they will complain about your friends doing amazing in life, society talking crap and so on.

Take a break when your exams are over, or take a long holiday and go somewhere you always wanted to go to. But, that’s only a break, that shouldn't end up being your life. You should destroy the idea of what the society has put on you but not the entire idea of working for your goals.

Your past actions make the present.. Similarly, your future lies in your present actions. No no no, you don’t need to plan 10 years ahead. Do something that’ll make you happy as well as successful. I know, food, sleep, tv, phone etc definitely makes us happy. But that won’t make you successful. You don’t need to run for your life all the time, at least walk for it rather than sitting down. Something is better than nothing.

Yes, you don’t need to have a life settled by 35/40... but if you don’t even have a life to think about once you’ve grown old then what are you?

Let us be the society for our future generations, who shows how to live by living and not by talking.

Let’s inspire - let’s work together - let's help each other grow❤

Good day guys!

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