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Hello, sunflowers! How's it going? I am back with another travel blog this month but it will be a short one as this was a one-day tour. I visited around 7 countries in 2019, so it's really draining not going anywhere this year and I know it's the same for many of you. Yes, 2020 has been very heavy so far, but hey, it's all right. Let's hope for the best. 


This blog will be about Venice, Italy - a dream for myself and for many others. I only spent a day there, but it was totally worth it. This was part of the cruise trip with my family so we had to take the flight from London Gatwick to Venice Marco Polo Airport. With some delays and the amazing weather, we got to the hotel at around 5.30 pm and we had to board the cruise the next day before 2 pm so we only had the evening and a bit of the next day morning to spend in Venice. 

Venice Grand Canal

A part of Venice that always captures your heart is the Grand Canal and that

edge of the city. Piazza San Marco - the heart of Venice, is one that should not be missed as well. It really amazes its tourists with its incredible beauty and it's only about 20 mins walk from the Grand canal (it could be longer or shorter depending on where you start your journey from). We had to take a bus to the Grand canal but more than the bus journey we spent a lot of time trying to purchase the bus tickets so make sure you plan that beforehand. 

You can never go wrong with where you go around the Grand canal because it has something in every direction. However, there are some things that you shouldn't miss while in Venice. 

- Touring the Grand Canal by boat: We did this while the sun was setting and got the best

views and pictures. This gave us a part of the day view and the night view. During such an opportunity it is important to get the best but try to see the best even if you don't feel like what you've got is the best. This is exactly what travelling is about. There are different kinds of services so make sure you do a little research before you go, but we purchased the tickets there and didn't find any problems doing so. 

Click the link below to see more information about the boat routes and the historical landmarks it passes by.

- Getting lost around the streets of Venice: This place is totally for getting lost (or even little walks) with many shops, restaurants, views, landmarks, night sky, the canal and many more. As I always say, wander with no expectations to find genuine beauty. As this was a family trip with many of us, we had times where some of us decided to explore whereas the others went searching for them because we thought the others got lost. Thinking back to it now, those memories are much hilarious than in words. I personally liked that adventure because who doesn't love getting lost in a new city, especially at night. After having found one another, it was another quest finding our way out to the bus stop. I think it was past 12 am when we departed the bus to go back to the hotel. 

- Pizzas, pizzas and more pizzas: Don't forget to try the authentic food wherever you go. It is part of the real adventure. We had pizzas! Who doesn't love pizzas? especially in Venice. Truly speaking, it was yummy! I also think it was the hunger and constant walking in such hot weather that lead to the pizzas tasting extra delicious. 

Piazza San Marco - St Mark's Square

As mentioned before Piazza San Marco is the heart of Venice with many famous building

such as St mark’s basilica, Museo Correr, Campanile etc. We spent less than an hour at the square but took advantage of the time and admired its beauty as much as we could have within the time given. If you have a longer stay, then you could explore these places a little more.

I am very sure that Venice has a lot more to offer which I would love to see, but hands down Venice was the best and gave us a lot of its beauty to adore. 

If you visit Venice or have visited in the past, then don't forget to let me know some interesting places so I could visit them next time. 

Good day & be safe! :) 

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