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World Mental Health Day 2020

Hello, my sunflowers! I hope and pray you all are doing great. I have been thinking about this for a while now, and today I thought would be the perfect day to post this. Why today? Because today is World Mental Health Day. 

Last week I posted a poll up on my Instagram story asking if people would speak out about their depression and anxiety and 57% of those voted that they'd keep it to themselves. I was not surprised! At all! Most of them were youngsters, below the age of 25. Again, I was not surprised! Why? Because just a couple of months back, I was in the same position of keeping all the burden inside me from years and years. It took me great courage to open up and speak about all that I went through. I had to put all the trust inside that person/people who I was going to open up to. I was so troubled about if what I tell them would be told to other people. Even though it didn't, it still had me worried much. I was nervous and paranoid about the consequences, i.e. if I'd be called an attention seeker or a drama queen (This worried me so much that it has happened to me before even within my close circle). If I'd be teased about it life long or if I'd be judged. Bear in mind that most of the time people who put you in such a situation are the people you love. On the other side, I was also scared about what would happen to me if I didn't open up. 

Hands down, opening up was the best decision I have ever made. It made such a difference. It found me a way to approach for professional help. I was able to sleep better at nights...without tears. I could eat better without food being stuck in my throat. I could be free around myself without having to worry about if I am being watched or judged. Would you believe me if I say it took me 7 years to do that? Instead, anything could have happened in those 7 years, right? 

Not everyone finds courage and trust to open up to other people. It takes people time. It takes people courage, trust, hope and a lot more. Especially youngsters. Why can't we all be nice to each other? I mean, is it so hard? Why has it become so costly to be nice and supportive of each other? Why? Why? Why? Being mean is all over the place! At the office, workplace, schools, tuitions, education centres, on the road, at the shops, public transport and as if all that's not enough it's there on social media. On top of all this, the worst place is at home. When will people ever realise that controlling someone's feelings and/or being mean is not fine? When will people ever realise that we don't have the rights to be the reason for someone's loss of sleep at night, someone's loss of smile throughout the day, week and for months? Let's look around us. It's fine if we can't be supportive, but at least let's not be a nightmare. Because those nightmares can be a genuine horror. unimaginable horror and I say this with my own experience.

Many people tend to think, 'ah she/he must be so happy. It's up there on their socials, it's up on their face. See how happy they look.' That's not it, guys! People pretend. People try to show that they are happy. Don't go around thinking that they are smiling to impress you. Hell NO! In any case, if they are fake smiling for you, then appreciate it because they wouldn't want to do that for someone they don't care about. They are trying to be happy for themselves. They are trying, and maybe that's the least they can do. Let them! 

Start your day by praying for someone whose suffering. Make at least one person smile every day! Pray for someone to heal. If you can't do that and only have negativity to share then keep that to yourself. No one needs it! And I mean NO ONE! Especially not with all that we and the world are going through already. 

Stop judging, hurting and scaring! it creates scars! Permanent scars.

Instead, be the reason for someone's smile! Real smile! 

Good day you all x - Explore this to read many personal mental health-related stories. Things will change and everything will get better, but first that change has to start within YOU & it will.

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