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Your actions speak much louder than your words & opinions💛

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Hello sunflowers! How's the start of the winter season doing you guys? I am a person who's either so cold or so hot. There's no middle for me haha. Wrap up warm guys - (This is here in London, so wherever you are, take care of yourselves & others around you.)

Today, I want to put forward a topic which I believe would make such a big impact on this world. Speaking out for what's right and wrong. Sharing the right without fearing other people’s opinions.

Last week, I had put up two polls - one was opinion based and one was action based.

So the first question was

‘How many of you are willing to make a difference in someone else’s life?’ - I was very pleased with the amount of you that voted ‘yes’.

However, when it came down to the second poll - ’How many of you are willing to take the necessary steps to make that change in someone else’s life?’, more than 50% of them who voted yes on the previous one didn’t vote at all... & to my surprise, some even voted ‘No’.

That is very much the situation here today, in this world. We all need to realise that sharing words and giving opinions does matter but it will never make the same amount of impact the actions and steps put forward does. If you feel it’s good, the right thing to do and if you’re the first person on that list then you can still do it. Who knows? Maybe, all the others are waiting for that one person to do the startup.

According to the Entrepreneur Europe, an average person spends about 9 hours of their day on social media. That is counted to be more than some of their sleeping hours. When you spend so much time on such things, you can definitely spend a couple of minutes to make a change to the world.

How amazing it would be if the next time you see something similar you decide to take action to make others be aware of it too! Try it guys. It’s definitely worth it. I am pretty sure you’ll feel the peace inside you too, that you’ve done something amazing or stood up for something. You can make a louder noise with 2 hands than 1. So let’s stand together.

Good day guys💛

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